Discover the advantages of outsourcing critical knowledge in offshore matters

If your company seeks internationalization or already has offshore entities as part of its structure and needs advice to deal with increasingly expensive and complex legal and regulatory issues, m.advisory offers intelligent, efficient and safe solutions, through outsourcing critical knowledge.

Our outsourcing process is aimed at two specific areas:

Legal advice
(Legal Counsel)

A professional with extensive experience can be a virtual and highly active part of your legal team, bringing specific knowledge on global topics at a much more affordable cost than it would be to have someone full-time with the same level. You can use this resource according to your business needs, that is, at the right time and with more speed and effectiveness.

Advisory for Fiduciary Services

A service aimed at organizing and managing your regulatory obligations, which mainly involves Compliance topics and requires the maintenance of information and documentation up to date, verified and certified. Highly strategic, it is a critical know-how, which we transform into an offer to reduce the financial impacts of being non-compliant with global regulations, and which is becoming increasingly important for companies that have structures in several jurisdictions.

Why outsource in global business?

At a global economic time when taxes and the cost of capital are increasing, outsourcing is a topic that is gaining attention due to major business restructurings, which aim to increase operational efficiency and reduce layers of costs, freeing up cash to create more business-focused operations. and customers.

For startups, especially, this need is even greater, as investors value even more the commercial and operational efficiency of investees.

Therefore, outsourcing means optimizing costs and time, reducing bureaucracy, focusing on core business activities.

m•advisory’s outsourcing proposal meets this search for greater efficiency in companies. With our deep experience, you reduce the need to hire diverse, full-time professionals, achieving for your company:

• Cost reduction

• Flexibility in hiring

• Peace of mind as you deal with senior professionals, with high expertise in the topic.

• In addition to a trustworthy partnership, highly renowned and recognized in the market.

Count on our know-how to navigate the offshore world.

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