Brazil Consultancy Services

Brazil Consultancy Services

madvisory Brazil advises individuals and companies on navigating the increasingly complex global regulatory, operational and administrative challenges of managing multi national operations and structures.

The Brazil team is led by Pedro Lenti and Marco Martins, both of whom have decades of experience adivsing leading companies and financial institutions, including family offices and startups on a range of legal, operational, and administrative matters.

Family Offices

Our family office services include:

  • Assistance in the strategic structuring of family offices, including operational models and assets including systems and people
  • Assistance in the strategic structuring of global entities and solutions for investments in different types of assets
  • Assistance with succession planning and development of the most sophisticated and accurate multigenerational wealth management structures and solutions, including multijurisdictional trusts and wills
  • Assistance in the selection and management of global service providers, including lawyers, fiduciaries, financial advisors
  • Assistance with establishing and ongoing maintenance of accounts, including bank and business accounts, as well as operating accounts with agents and other service providers.
  • Assistance in the selection of jurisdictions and products for various objectives
  • Assistance with asset management, including local and international payments and transfers
  • Internal audit and review of processes and systems, as well as regulatory audit for new and existing operations
  • Assistance with regulatory filings, payments, remediation, and compliance obligations, including assistance with communications and any issues arising from regulatory and regulator reviews


Our services for start-ups include:

  • Assistance in the strategic structuring of share classes and cap tables, from the initial phases to the more advanced phases of financing
  • Assistance in structuring employee incentive programs, from RSUs to ESOPs and other types of incentive structures
  • Assistance with legal alternative liquidity and cash management tools that can help start-ups better manage their cash and burn rate
  • Assistance in the strategic structuring of global entities and solutions for investments in different types of assets
  • Training in fundamental legal, administrative and regulatory issues
  • Assistance in the selection and management of service providers
  • Assistance in establishing and maintaining financial and trust accounts
  • Assistance in jurisdiction and entity selection for international growth, including ultimate holdco and any intermediate structures such as more efficient entities (e.g., Delaware LLCs or Canada LPs)

Due Dilligence

Our Due Diligence services include:

  • Assistance in organizing and preparing documents, information and teams for Due Diligence processes
  • Assistance in analyzing the materiality of information and confidentiality issues
  • Assistance in preparing responses to Due Diligence questionnaires
  • Assistance in presentations to third parties such as investors and partners
  • Training for individuals and teams on legal, regulatory and operational issues that may arise during Due Diligence reviews
  • Assistance with preparing board-level records and internal audits necessary to meet governance obligations