Family Office Services

Family Office Services

Our global team has over three decades of experience advising family offices with their structures, both internal and external, including private investment companies (PICs) or investment fund vehicles established in the Bahamas, BVI, Canada, Luxembourg or the Islands. Cayman.

Our global team offers a unique set of services and skills, across legal, fiduciary and consultancy areas.  It brings together professionals with deep experience in managing different aspects of family offices, allowing us to assist with a wide range of tasks and functions, including:

  • The structuring and creation of family offices
  • The operational and administrative aspects of managing a family office
  • Assitance with the administrative management of different asset classes, including legal structures, bank accounts and other financial accounts, and real assets, including management of vessels and aircraft
  • Assistance with structuring governance and succession structures for families and their assets
  • Assistance with compliance and regulatory requirements, including drafting, reviewing and updating policies and procedures, and advising on systems and legal requirements, as well as performing internal audits of systems and processes
  • Assistance with regulatory obligations, including managing and maintaining customer due diligence documentation (cdd) and assisting with the coordination and establishment of accounts and relationships with third party servie providers
  • Regulatory audits and remediation plans

We also assist in succession projects involving a wide range of structures, including wills, trusts, foundations, and other structures in the Bahamas, BVI, Cayman, Canada, and Luxembourg.

We also assist clients with foreign recognition of local probate processes, including court orders and records.

We can also provide in house support to family offices.  In this sense, we can discuss outsourcing models where we use our expertise and systems to take responsibility for these administrative tasks – reducing the cost for customers and increasing the quality of the solution.