China Consultancy Services

China Consultancy Services

madvisory China advises individuals and companies on navigating the increasingly complex global regulatory, operational and administrative challenges of managing multi national operations and structures.

The China team is led by Shannon Lee and Kristy Calver, both of whom have decades of experience adivsing leading companies and financial institutions, including family offices and startups on a range of legal, operational, and administrative matters.

Strategy Consulting Services

As our team has experience from top-tier management consulting firms, we provide a wide range of strategy consulting services, including:

  • Corporate strategy
  • M&A and Commercial Due Diligence, including market/competition assessment, forecasting, financial modelling and valuation
  • China/Asia market entry
  • Product development and localisation
  • Profitability and turnaround planning

Fiduciary Services

We have extensive experience assisting clients with incorporation and company management across Asia as well as offshore jurisdictions, including support for licence applications, working with local regulatory bodies and local outsourcing such as company Directors and AML officers.  We also provide assistance to clients to open corporate and personal bank accounts.

Compliance Outsourcing Services

We provide a range of Compliance Outsourcing services, including regulatory compliance policy drafting, outsourced AML officers, outsourced Company Directors and support with regulator audits.

Financial Advisory

As we have networks within the investment and funds industry, we can assist with connecting companies with potential investors.

Executive Search Services

We can assist with active, specialized executive search services for key roles in client organizations in their Asia operations.