Training – Governance


With experience with structures and transactions that cross different legal systems, including those based on civil laws, and those established in countries with laws based on common law, we understand some fundamental issues that require careful translation.

We have developed training programs in certain key areas, focused on delivering critical know-how to individuals and teams with responsibilities that extend across legal systems and borders. 

Governance is a critical aspect for many structures established in the jurisdictions where we operate.  Whether its a Cayman based investment fund, or an offshore branch of an onshore financial institution or bank, the regulatory framework is under constant evolution that imposes greater demands on individuals and teams with fiduciary and operational responsibilities. 

Our training programs focus on sharing our knowledge and expertise in important areas for senior officers responsible for global structures:

  • What are the main fiduciary obligations of a director in an offshore company
  • How does a limited partnership work and who can be the general partner (GP)
  • Who has the right to appoint and remove directors
  • How are powers delegated to officers, powers of attorneys and other agents or employees
  • How should boards approach and manage potential conflict positions
  • How must boards manage critical outsourced functions and service providers
  • In the area of ​​managers, what is the relationship between directors and managers
  • How to responsibly outsource certain functions and obligations
  • How to structure boards and what is the difference between a board and a council