Training – Startups


We have extensive experience advising international startups, from the initial constitution of a Cayman, Bahamas or BVI holding company, during the ‘flip up’ period and the initial processes of raising investments, such as the use of SAFEs and RSU, until the moment of Series A, and at the throughout the maturation and growth of startups until the IPO or trade sale.

The goal of startup training is to share our expertise, experience and wisdom in areas important to founders, including:

  • How does a Cayman Company work, and why Cayman?
  • How do you do the ‘flip up’, and is Delaware necessary in the middle?
  • How to use different classes of shares to balance the interests of founders, employees and investors;
  • How to structure governance, and directors
  • How to manage your cap table, including SAFEs, RSUs, shareholder agreements, and other innovative instruments
  • How to prepare for a Series A, and what governance tools are common, how they work
  • How to Navigate International ESOPs
  • How to structure directors, reserved matters, and other governance topics
  • How to plan for founders’ estate successions

Even if your startup has not yet reached offshore maturity, it is very likely that it was born with this overseas vision. Therefore, the sooner you invest in knowledge for yourself and your team, the less complex and costly this process will be in the medium or long term.

Our goal is to prepare you to present a high-quality professional legal structure to investors, so that you can carefully and strategically size and forecast your financial resources, according to your needs and as you evolve.

So, if your goal is to cross borders quickly and efficiently, check out the specific courses and workshops for startups that want to conquer other territories by establishing structures in Cayman.