Legal Services – China

Investment Funds and Digital Asset Firms

Investment Funds

We have a wealth of experience in offshore and onshore Investment Funds, including structuring, setup and management for PE, VC and Hedge Funds.  

Digital Assets

We advise clients on the digital asset economy, including digital asset investment funds, overseas digital asset exchange and service providers business licenses in various jurisdictions, as well as internal compliance frameworks for digital asset companies. 

Banking, Financial and Insurance Services

Banking, Financial and Insurance Services

We assist banks, financial sector companies and insurance companies with a range of commercial legal issues, such as all major transactions, applicable licences and regulatory matters, to assist local companies as well as international companies operating branches or subsidiaries in China.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial Law

We support many local and multinational corporations with a wide range of legal advisory, including M&A, JVs, IPOs and a wide range of partnerships, investments and licence agreements.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

We provide a comprehensive commercial dispute resolution and litigation practice to address client disputes, striving to manage risks and secure optimal outcomes.

Intellectual Property and Data Protection Laws

Intellectual Property Law

We advise corporations with all aspects of intellectual property law and enforcement in China, including investigations and dispute resolution.

Data Protection and Privacy

We have extensive experience to provide legal services in data protection and cybersecurity for multinational corporations (MNCs), state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and local Chinese companies of this developing area of law in China.


Antitrust and Competition Law

Antitrust and Competition Law

We assist clients with a wide range of antitrust matters, including antitrust investigation defense, merger control filing, litigation in antitrust and anti-unfair competition, compliance consulting, management of IP-related antitrust issues, and fair competition review, among other matters. Extensive experience with regulatory topics that impact all types of structures, as well as topics specific to certain types of highly regulated businesses, such as banks and other financial service providers.

Local Services

Labor and Employment Law

We support corporations with all aspects of employment law, including managing contract labor relations, dispute resolution and labor law compliance advisory to reduce risks.

Inbound and Outbound Advisory

We provide full range of legal services to assist companies  with both inbound investment into China as well as outbound investment from China overseas.

Private Clients

We assist private clients by offering solutions for their personal and family wealth and business management.  We can assist with the establishment of structures as well as banking and other counterparty relationships in China as well as overseas to manage family offices and trusts. ertification.