madvisory partners have been advising multinationals on their offshore structures for over a decade, whether in:

  • Financing processes via equity or debt
  • Regulatory processes, including licensing and license renewals
  • Regulatory compliance and governance processes
  • Regulatory inspection and questioning processes
  • Training on regulatory obligations

More recently, we have seen a need for advice on regulatory issues, including compliance data management, and international AML rules, which are constantly evolving.

For multinationals, the complexity, cost and risk of not keeping all information, documentation and processes up to date, correctly documented and verified, that is, in full compliance with regulations, is increasing.

Our proposal is to bring all our know-how to simplify and manage these requirements.

In particular, we offer an outsourcing service for several important functions that provides some advantages, such as:

  • Global compliance
  • Legal support for offshore structures at a lower cost
  • Intermediary services to deal with multiple service providers in multiple jurisdictions
  • Keep up with evolving regulatory demands and keep key CDD/KYC data up to date

Check out the services aimed at your segment.