Middle Office Services


If you require a higher level of support, trust and expertise, we offer an outsourced local board service, an offer focused on generating value for our clients. We offer directors with extensive experience and qualifications, including individuals with deep accounting and legal knowledge and expertize.

We have a global reach with indiviuals in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, fluent in local languages and commercial cultures and able to bridge the onshore and offshore aspects of your structure.

Economic Substance

We have assisted companies address their economic substance obligations under the laws of the Cayman Islands, BVI and Bahamas.  Our assistance extends from providing legal advice and assisting with filings, to providing more substantial assistance for clients who require actual local physical presence and planning on how to meet the ES test.

These additional services include:

  • Preparation of accounting and financial reports
  • provision of local directors and assistance with meeting local mind and management requirements
  • Assistance with relocation, immigration and work permit applications for those wishing to relocate individuals to the offshore jurisdictions
  • Assitance with securing physical location
  • Assistance with operational requirements of certain functions, including asset management and lending and financing operations

Compliance Consultancy

Advice on issues related to Compliance, AML (Anti Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Client) and Client Due Diligence (CDD).

With increasing regulatory complexity in all offshore jurisdictions, including Cayman, Bahamas, Luxenbourg and BVI, businesses that operate offshore structures have the obligation to deal with various levels of requirements that impact the day-to-day operations of their structures.  As the legal framework for compliance moves to a more risk-based approach, the responsability for determining, planning and managing the various layers of AML and related risks shifts considerably to the client.

This requires a more in depth analysis of requirements, processes and systems.  In this regard, our team has significant experience in advising clients on all aspects of their compliance function, from how they are structured, to the quality and completeness of their policies and procedures, to audits of their records and data. We have participating in regulatory reviews and remediation mandates, and have the knowledge that come from having participated in these highly complex processes. 

Our services are aimed at assisting our clients in managing these obligations and complexities in a safe, practical, and economical way. Unlike many other providers of compliance and governance solutions, our offer is based on years of legal knowledge and experience with the various layers of laws and regulations, which enables us to offer a depth of advise and analysis that helps our clients go deeper in meeting their obligations.

We have a global reach, operating in the Americas, Asia and Caribbean, with individuals who speak local languages, are familir with both the onshore and offshore aspects of your business and operations, and can help bridge the two.

Outsourced Counsel

We offer an outsourced counsel service where you can secure the support of one of our senior professionals without having to committ to an expensive fixed cost asset. 

We support companies that need senior legal knowledge and experience in their teams, but that, on the other hand, do not have the need to hire full-time. The ability to secure the skills of senior professionals with decades of experience on an outsourced basis provides certain business the best of all worlds: top quality skills and support at a fraction of the cost. 

We have a global reach with operations in the Americas, Asia and the Caribbean, with professionals who speak local languages and are deeply familiar with local commercial cultures, and have the ability to bridge the onshore and offshore aspects of your operation.