From data to decisions, and a declaration of love.

Like many of you, I am drawn to watching a a wide range of YouTube videos on AI these days. From how large language models work, to the adoption of AI for enterprise and business purposes, to the next killer app, stacks, models; the list goes on.

While I try to avoid the “make $800 a day with AI” videos, I chalk that up to my age bracket, conservative background, and general cynicism of ‘too good to be true’ (though in the back of my mind, I am curious!).  Having been through various epochs of technological evolution, I am fascinated with the opportunities set to arise out of this next iteration.  In particular, I’m enthralled by the concept I’ve come across in the discussion of AI: ‘From Data to Decisions’.

But before we consider how the road from data to AI powered decisions (hopefully good ones) unwinds, a declaration of love:  When I think about the things I love about being a lawyer, a professional, I think of things such as:

  • The intrinsically human aspect of building trust and empathy with someone who has an objective they wish to accomplish. They ask for your help to do it, and trust you to help guide them and their affairs correctly and efficiently;
  • The joy of listening with the intent and power to understand and process information, not simply the content, but also the tone, the moment and delivery of the communication;
  • How cool it is to be truly available and accessible; to be able to respond to the WhatsApp messages I receive from clients who, communicating in their native language, cut to the point that matters to them in quick form and to which I can respond in text, in voice, in video, and in real time – whichever format I think best addresses their needs at that time;
  • To be able to work from anywhere and at any time, and to have the resources to manage all that information efficiently and without the need for heavy bureaucracies, and endless delays in the implementation of simple solutions;
  • To have built a great network of colleagues, friends and clients around the world and with a diverse set of expertise, who I can share my ideas of a new firm with; a firm that solves problems, brings a like-minded approach to client service, is generated by a wealth of commercial and transactional experience and know-how, and underpinned by seamless, modern technology;
  • And how incredibly humbling it is to have learned so much from so many, including from my own mistakes and accomplishments, and from all my interactions over the decades with so many amazing individuals.

When I started to think of how to build a new firm in 2023 into 2024, I envisioned a firm where the focus would be on efficiency and effective problem-solving. It would be founded on a depth of expertise and broad experience, a dedication to developing and fostering real human connections, and embracing emerging technologies on a clean slate.

I called friends and former colleagues (some who were clients), and most of whom I have known and admired for decades. I floated the idea of a new firm that would attempt to combine expertise, passion, and the deployment of modern technology together to deliver better quality services with a broader scope, and at better value for clients.  I explored a range of exciting new technologies and platforms, all embracing the challenges and potential of automation and AI; and all of which would enable our people to work seamlessly from anywhere, at any time, with all the necessary functionality and incredible flexibility they need, and very little of the heavy infrastructure and bureaucracies, which lead to the bloated costs that permeate so many legacy businesses.

So here we are, at the dawn of a new age in the evolution of the legal profession, consultancy and fiduciary- one where AI will enable significant advances in efficiency and knowledge creation, yet where the power of human expertise and empathy will become even more important and fundamental.  M Advisory is born with a blank canvas, embracing all these technologies and combining them with individuals who have decades of experience and knowhow helping clients navigate international matters.  Professionals who come from and have lived in, the cultures of some of the Worlds leading nations, including China, Brazil, the UK, US, Australia, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. We all share in the excitement of the possibilities ahead, at a time when the pace of the conversion of ‘data into decisions’ is quickening and opening unimaginable new doors.

To our clients, our promise is this: We will use all our resources, our technology and our expertise, our global network and capabilities, to deliver a service that cuts across complexities, and we will do so with a spirit of loving what we do, and building lasting relationships, everyday.