We are delilghted to announce that Caystone Solutions Luxembourg has joined the global m advisory familly of service providers.  Caystone Luxembourg provides a broad range of services to establish and administer a wide range of corporate structures.  Thorough this association, m advisory further expands the range of services and solutions it can offer clients, giving our clients greater seamless options and certainty in an often uncertain world.

These services include incorporation and entity management, governance, regulatory reporting and compliance, accounting and directorships.

Caystone Luxembourg offers a depth knowledge of the statutory and regulatory requirements and follow international reporting standards or local GAP. It works collaboratively with clients to develop tailored solutions to support their individual requirements, and offer a dedicated point of contact from day one, building a team around their needs. It works primarily with Private Clients, Investment Managers, Family Offices, Institutional Clients, Trusts and Funds.

The Caystone Luxembourg Team is led by industry veteran Julien Martel, who brings over 30 years of experience in the international financial services industry, having servced in senior roles in Guernsey, Bahamas and Luxembourg.

f you would like more information or a consultation please reach out to marteljulien@martinsadvisory.com